Clothing is an essential descriptor of our culture and this evident in the diverse ethnic clothing styles of the ethnic groupings in Ghana. The promotion and preservation of this aspect of Ghanaian culture has led the National Commission on Culture to curate the event “Wear Ghana”, which is commemorated in the month of March.

As part of the activities for this year’s celebration, a puppetry performance was to be the main highlight for the Wear Ghana Kids Edition at the La Wireless Cluster of Schools. Community Education and Youth Development, a directorate under the National Commission on Culture that has an active puppetry department were engaged to stage a show.

Community Education and Youth Development transmitted a puppetry show to the enthusiastic pupils who were so excited to witness the puppetry show. The show captured why there is the need to dress decently and appropriately and to also find the value in using Ghanaian print fabric which has significant and relevant symbolism. The pupils actively participated by sharing their opinions on the show they witnessed.

The 21st of March was UNESCO World Puppetry Day, therefore CEYD maximized the opportunity to also commemorate the day with the transmission at the La Wireless Cluster of Schools. The World Puppetry Day celebrations for this year focused on SDG 14 and how puppetry transmissions can help address the challenges and offer some solutions to how to curtail the exploitation and degradation of Aquatic Life.

CEYD is committed to nurturing young generations with interactive programs that conserve, preserve and promote our culture.

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