The National Commission on Culture was established in 1990 by Provisional National Defense Council Law 238 to manage from a holistic perspective, the Cultural life of the country. In the execution of the aforementioned, the National Commission on Culture is enjoined, among other things, to promote the evolution of an integrated National Culture, supervise the implementation of programmes for the preservation, promotion and representation of Ghana tradition and values; and perform such other functions as may be prescribed by government.

Our Vision

The vision of the commission culminates in the Visin of the Cultural Policy as Follows : To respect , preserve,harness and use cultural heritage and resources to develop a united ,vibrant and prosperous national community with a distinctive African Identity and personaliity and collective confidence and pride of place amoung the comity of nations.

Our Mission

The National Commision on culture is to maintain the unique cultural identity and values for the promotion of an integrated national culture , as well as contribute to the overall economic development of the nation .

Our Objectives

1. To Document and promote Ghana's traditional cultural values , such as those enshrined in; a. concepts of human dignity, b. attitude to nature and the enviroment, c. law & oder, d. Honesty and truthfulness, e. unity and peace f. self- reliance and dignity of labour. g. family, community and national solidarity. 2. To ensure the growth and development of our cultural institutions and make them relevant to human develoment , democratic governance and national integration.

The Commission will fufill its Mission in..

1. Developing and implementing policies and programmes which promote creativity and sustainability of positive values; 2. Preserving ,Exhibiting and enhancing natinal identity; 3. Establishing linkages with other sectors to project national Identity 4. Disseminationg through existiong media , our cultural values and practices to Ghanaians and the world at large.