Embrace autistic people-HE Georgina Opoku urges.


Ghana’s Cultural Ambassador, Her Excellency Georgina Opoku Popularly known as “Asor” has advised the general public not to drive autistic people away but rather embrace such people and get the best out of them.

According to Her Excellency Georgina Opoku, autistic children have great capabilities. she explained that persons with the disability can be highly focused and so embracing them will help them realized their dreams.

She added that, a lot of people assume that the condition is a spiritual problem and most parents turn to spiritual centers instead of sending their children to see professionals who can guide them.

She said, children with autism have impaired social interactions, communication and learning difficulties as well as behavioral issues.

“Despite an increase in awareness in the country, parents of autistic children still feel the burden of coping with a child with the condition”

Parenthood, which should be a joyful experience, becomes a frightening one when a child is diagnosed with any defect or illness. The pressure piles on when the diagnosis is for a complicated condition such as autism; a complex neurological disorder which affects a child’s social development.

Autism is difficult enough to deal with in developed countries, where the condition is better understood, but for parents in Ghana, the response to a diagnosis is not always the best. Some parents have confessed to wishing their autistic children dead.

Mrs. Mary Amoah Kuffour, a Special needs teacher and a mother of an 18-year-old girl Nana Yaa with autism commends Georgina Opoku for her support and kind gesture towards her daughter.

Nana Yaa is a very beautiful young model who has broken the rule of a disability and sailed through the hardships of living with Autism.
Her mother, Mary Amoah has been a pillar of strength in her life, guiding her through every step and managing her career.

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