The National Commission on Culture, has urged the Government and COVID-19 Response Team to adopt cultural concept to educate Ghanaians on the COVID-19 pandemic to engender better understanding.

It said a public education campaign on COVID-19 should be holistic and encompassing, through the integration of cultural and sub-cultural approaches.

A statement issued and signed by Madam Janet Edna Nyame, the Executive Director of the Commission, said it was ready to release its regional and district cultural centres in the 16 regions as well as cultural officers to support the public education campaign.

“We should employ the services of cultural officers and experts to provide adequate impetus to the districts COVID-19 campaign.

” This will enable the message to reach out to the public without cultural and sub-cultural barriers,” the statement said.

It said it was imperative to use Ghanaian languages in community education to offer a better understanding of the pandemic and its related safety protocols to the people.

“Let us remember, no phenomenon could be better understood without considering the culture of the people and the inputs of cultural experts,” it said.

Ghana’s confirmed case count for COVID-19 now stands at 1,279, with 134 recoveries and 10 deaths as of April 24.