Chief Executive Officer of Ceejay Multimedia, and the brain behind the iconic  Akwaaba frame, Mr. Joseph Osae, has unveiled a new face to replace the old one which captured Angelina Nana Akua Oduro which has existed over two decades. 

The Akwaaba portrait, which means welcome in the Ghanaian Twi language, is the most popular image that welcomes visitors in homes, offices, hotels and tourists at large in Ghana. According to Mr. Osae, the new face is said to continue the unmatched hospitality which accompanies the project. 

He stated that he intended to replace the previous frame as a measure to give opportunity to other budding talents to also get the kind of exposure that the model in the first frame got.

The Executive Director of National Commission on Culture Madam Janet Edna Nyame, who was invited to speak at the event said, the iconic image will continue to propagate Ghana as the gateway to Africa, as the image is found in many offices including the embassies.

Madam Nyame added that, she was so much enthused to have met Mr. Osae and the lady whose portrait was on the previous frame last year and was wondering why they had not come out since that time to claim the glory of the viral photo but realized it was part of the challenges.

She further expressed her excitement for the idea of a new face for the Akwaaba frame and took advantage of the event to congratulate the photographer for such a wonderful work done and also encouraged Ghanaians to welcome, cherish, appreciate and market the new iconic face.