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The 1st Edition of the international cultural summit & exhibition Ontario 2023 is an extraordinary forum of knowledge exchange, debate, policy planning and its development, performances and exhibition of unique cultural products and services.


The summit is being organized by the Alliance Creative Community Project in collaboration with the Ghanaian Canadian Association of Dufferin County in Ontario, Canada.


We seek to further partner with organizations from around the world to showcase and promote diversity of cultural expressions and artistic collaborations between Africa and the Americas. With thoughtfully programmed panel discussions, keynote presentations, screenings, and conversations, the Summit will harness the expertise of policy makers, researchers, artists, and culture professionals to examine urgent contemporary issues, which include the impacts of digital media and Artificial Intelligence, creative ecosystems and indigenous practices, representation, and topographies of public space among many others.


Each of the three days is organized to examine these subjects through a different lens enumerated as follows:


Living Cultural Ecosystems takes a sectorial perspective.

Living in Culture considers people, communities, and futures.

Culture, Identity, Power focuses on diversity.



The role and contribution of culture to sustainable economic growth the world over cannot be relegated in all stages of life. Culture is increasingly leading transformations in the way people create, consume, and enjoy products and services.


Moreover, the convergence of multimedia technologies has transformed consumers from passive recipients of cultural messages into active co-creators of content. Works manifests in design and collaborations from across continents into global markets enjoyed by all. It is prudent to note that building integrated modern societies starts with groups who, by interacting together, will organically mature into multicultural peacefully cohesive society.

The theme of the Summit is to: –

“Harnessing Potentials, Promoting Diversity, Integrating Cultures.”




THE 3- Day (Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th September,2023) Cultural precinct will be set in the heart of the city of Ontario with safe and easy access for people from all walks of life to interact in both open –air and enclosed area at the Fiddle Park -Shelburne County, Ontario




THE 3-day summit will help participants appreciate and affirm diversity in the face of rapid globalization and economic integration; and as well as exploring opportunities for practitioners to create bridges between cultures; as non-threatening points of entry into understanding other people, and as facilitators of intercultural dialogue and cultural diplomacy.


It is our expectation that this think tank can generate ideas to bridge existing gaps and embark upon practical ways in which we can preserve and promote each other’s talents and skills, network across continents to boost trade and investments. The Summit will thus boost knowledge in best practices and leave a lasting legacy through provocative intriguing speakers selected to give concrete expression to the implicit theme of cultural diversity. Through this meeting of diverse minds, it is envisaged that new meanings will be created to see the Summit not as an end but rather, as part of a continuum of global discourses or the launch pad for new ideas.


A forum where delegates can embrace each other with an open mind, and leave – perhaps challenged – but also inspired, with new insights, fresh ideas for action and a host of diverse friends. It also will function as a knowledge exchange platform for leaders in the public and private sectors to convene and collaborate with world-renowned experts to create a positive impact for citizens worldwide.



The event is under the distinguished patronage of the undermentioned personalities and groups:



Mayor, Hon. Members of Parliament, Chief Executive Officers, Executive Director


KINGS, CHIEFS AND QUEENS (Traditional Rulers)




League of Kingdoms

This durbar will be held to bring together African Kings and Queens, members of royal families, rulers of cities, and prominent figures of the African and American continents to discuss and harmonize the mutual interests of their kingdoms. It also serves as a platform for learning and exchanging ideas among African rulers and their counterparts here in Canada on current issues affecting their respective communities and practical ways to address them. An important component of this durbar will be the honoring of deserving philanthropic Ghanaian citizens in the Americas. Also included will be the launch of the Ghanaian Canadian Association and the inauguration of executives.


Trades Shows and Exhibition

Customized products ranging from fabrics, ornaments, authentic and approved medicinal and cosmetic products, gift items etc. This is aimed at bringing small and large-scale businesses in Africa together with that of their Canadian counterparts to unleash their business strategies and forge synergies. Dignitaries will discuss intensively post-pandemic business strategies, as well as international trade and investment opportunities.



A prestigious cocktail night will also be held to build networks amongst royals, investors, mayors of counties, heads of institutions and statesmen to strengthen networks and soft power.



This tour will aim to leave a lasting memory for on the hearts and minds of international invited quest and give them a fair appreciation of Canadian history and culture.



International and domestic tourist, exhibitors fine and performers

Expatriate resident communities Canada

Student and women groups

Families and corporate groups



Undoubtedly, Cultural diplomacy is an important tool for advancing interests and soft power as well as partnerships. For this reason, the International Cultural Summit, Ontario 2023 seeks to project creative industries internationally in acknowledgement of its economic importance to every economy. It therefore seeks to create a platform for social recovery, rekindling international relations after COVID- 19 pandemic, strengthening engagements, enhance markets and develop creative export opportunities internationally.


Participating Countries from Notably Africa, Americas and Asia will inadvertently.

Promote their economic, artistic, and cultural assets to an international audience.

Expanding audiences and markets

Building people-to-people links internationally.

Leveraging existing partnerships and fostering engagement with key stakeholders

Supporting other programs and Influence perceptions at home and abroad


All eligibility details are stated in the category description. We reserve the right to cancel any registrations which do not meet our registration criteria.



Delegates are free to cancel their registration, if necessary, We are unable to register delegate outside 3-day cooling-off period. Should you be unable to attend you may not be able to nominate a substitute to attend in your place. You must contact us in advance of the summit to substitute as on-the-day changes might not be accepted. Delegate places are for the named delegate only and cannot be transferred on the day of the summit.



We reserve the right to cancel any registrations which do not meet our eligibility criteria, or which exceed our quota. Our team is not liable for any travel or accommodation expenses incurred by you or your organization if the summit is cancelled or postponed.






Circumstances beyond the control of the Organizers may necessitate substitutions, alterations, or cancellations of a speaker and/or program topic. ICSEO2023 Team reserves the right to alter the program wherever necessary without penalty or liability. Any alterations will be updated on the web page of the Organizers without unreasonable delay.



All unauthorized photography and the recording or transmission of audio or visual material, data or information is expressly prohibited. You consent to filming and sound recording and photography of the summit as a delegate and you consent to the use by us of any such recording or photography anywhere in the world for promotional, marketing, and other purposes.



The information provided when registering is confidential and will be used strictly for administrative purposes in relation to your participation at ICSEO2023. By registering for this event, you will automatically be added as an attendee to the event app so that you can view the most up to date agenda and network with other delegates who are registered to attend. We take the privacy of your data very seriously and any personal data you provide us with will not be shared with 3rd parties unless you have consented for us to do so.



international cultural summit & exhibition Ontario 2023, will welcome over 200 delegates across the continent, Kings and Queens, members of royal families, prominent figures of the African and American continents, City Leaders, Traditional Authorities, Religious leaders, UN agencies, Non-profit Organizations, Educational institutions & private sector. An event that allows sharing different perspectives as well as high level expertise from culture industries all over the world. Come together to discuss and focus on demonstrating the impact that culture represents in our day-to-day activities.



We are delighted to be able to welcome delegates from the Non-Profit organizations, Academia sectors, Business Entities, Government Institutions, traditional Authorities, and individuals to participate in the ICSEO2023. Please note that international delegates are to contact organizers after registration before an invitation letter is issued out. Participants attending the summit within Canada will have to request for ICSEO2023 budge to enable them to attend the event, However, you are responsible for your travel to and from the event, accommodation, and any additional food / drinks you may consume outside of the scheduled functions.


Interested participants must contact the organizers through the our email: or if you have any Concerns. If you have any technical issues with this process or group bookings (3 or more delegates), please call or contact us on. 4372146140

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