National Commission on Culture in collaboration with Ghana-society UK, MEGAAF foundation and AKO, has launched the 2021 kente festival arts and cultural event, which will take place in Luton in the UK. The Festival seeks to promote our Ghanaian indigenous kente fabric and other handmade Ghanaian products. It also seeks to promote patriotism and national pride, in harnessing our kente heritage which is global and weaves the world as a symbolism of African cultural and unity.

The Executive Director for National Commission on Culture, Madam Janet Edna Nyame who launched the festival, said as Ghanaians we must pay attention to our unique products produced in Ghana, from our clothing to food, music and all other forms of Arts as well as our medicine and local technologies. It is a widely known fact that the unique expressions of designers and other creatives who are inspired by authentic Ghanaian traditional sources of arts, are speedily building global presence and also increasing their ability to cause economic value, Miss Nyame added.

 She said, it is a fundamental cultural principle that our cloths and other accessories are a source of non-verbal communication which send messages about who we are, where we come from, what we do and what we stand for.

This means what we patronize is what shapes our identity and values as a people. We must therefore be very sensitive to the forces of strange sub-cultures and social factors that may negatively affect our perception and use made in Ghana products. The Executive Director indicated, these are part of the reasons the National Commission On Culture through relevant linkages and partnerships, has decided to go beyond the shores of Ghana to create a much bigger platform for our cultural and creative industry players to not only to showcase market their creative products but also promote and present our culture and arts to the rest of the world.