The National Commission on Culture as part of its “Wear Ghana Festival” campaign has educated the pupils of La Wireless Cluster of Schools on some “Adinkra” symbols and their meaning.

The Commission in collaboration with the National Folklore Board, aside the education on the “Adinkra” symbols also exhibited some locally prepared food to the pupils and engaged them with some childhood games such as chaskele, pilolo and antoakyire.

The Commission believes this conscientization will guide and shape the pupils to accept and appreciate the traditional values and standards of the rich Ghanaian culture as the foreign assimilated customs and cultures have today taken over ours.

The National Commission on Culture (NCC) under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture has set aside the month of March as ‘Wear Ghana’ month to promote the wearing of made in Ghana clothes and accessories.

This initiative is to promote Ghana’s cloth culture and heritage by encouraging Ghanaians to wear Made in Ghana clothes and other fashion accessories that are produced locally for both corporate and social functions.

Speaking at the event, the Director of Community Education and Youth Development Madam Akosua Abdallah (PhD) said, the month of March every year has been designated as “Wear Ghana” with the idea of promoting the rich cultural heritage and the local textile industry.

She added that, as Ghanaians, we must adopt the habit of patronizing in our locally produced fabrics and encourage the eating of our indigenous food such as “fufu”, “kelewele”, banku and many others.

  The Director beseeched all Ghanaians to actively patronize in our local games, food and made in Ghana products as this will help increase the productivity of the textile industries and promote our identity both locally and eternally.

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